Varun Dhawan Talking About Salman Khan

Since the beginning of his career, fans have compared Varun Dhawan to superstar Salman Khan given his mass appeal and strong footing as a commercial Hindi film hero. It is often speculated that if a biopic is ever made on Salman, the young actor will be a perfect choice.

However, Varun, who is personally quite close to the 52-year-old superstar, feels Salman is too young to have a biopic made on him.

“He is too young to make a biopic on,” the young star said, in a group interview when asked about the idea of him starring in Salman’s biopic.

When prodded about the thought, Varun Dhawan said, “No, not right now. I think he will star in his own biopic right now. But in all seriousness, I am just glad he is back. I have more of a personal relationship than a professional relationship (with him).”

The October actor was also asked about his reaction to Salman Khan getting bail in the 1998 Blackbuck poaching case after spending two nights in Jodhpur jail.

“Everyone is relieved. I said this earlier in a tweet that he and his family really value, respect and believe in the Indian judiciary and they will go about it in the best legal way possible. But as someone who has a personal relationship with him, I am very very happy that he’s home. I went to meet him yesterday and it feels really good to see him,” said Varun Dhawan.

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