Salman Khan On “Casting Couch” In Bollywood

Amidst the sexual harassment scandal that has taken USA by storm, many of our Desi actors and actresses have come out to talk about the whole issue. Tiger Zinda Hai  actor, Salman Khan has also spoken up about the harassment in Bollywood. The star sat down with Hindustan Times Leadership to have a discussion.

When he was asked about the existence of "casting couch", the actor replied,

“No one has come and confirmed it. I have been there for the longest time, my father has been here (for) more (time) than me. Till today I have not heard anyone come and say it straight out. Now, being a beautiful woman or a man, someone or the other is going to flirt with you.”

The star also admitted that the use of power to gain sexual advantages is profoundly disgusting.

“If someone is there with a principle that you have to sleep with them to get a job, then it is the most disgusting thing ever. I have not heard anything like this. If a lady or a man comes up to me and tells me that something of the sort has happened with them, I will take them down to the cleaners.”

The issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry came to light a couple of months earlier when multiple women came froward with the accusation of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein. It has since snowballed into one the biggest scandals of all time with many other actors and filmmakers getting accused of the same thing.

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